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Dating tip

Dating tip
by Nizzura Mukhtar
How To Learn A New Skill While Dating
First dates never fail to be the one of the most thrilling events in one’s life. It is where both parties try to make their best first impression that could last forever. The following dates are as important as the first one too. You need to maintain the sparks in your relationship. However, dating can become boring if one allows it to be. Here are a few great, tested and proven dating ideas that will make your date an unforgettable and interesting one.

Learn New Skill

Learning a new skill is always exciting. Learning a new skill with someone special is a surefire way to conjure an exciting mood during the date. There’s a lot to choose from enrolling in music or dance lesson to pottery and even self-defense classes.

Food Tasting Date

It is a lot of fun to go restaurant-hopping to sample each restaurant’s specialties. This is an excellent option for food lovers. You can also opt for fast food if you don’t want to spend so much. Just don’t forget to skip some food before doing this kind of date, or you’ll end up overweight. Bon apetite!

Wine Sampling

This could be more enjoyable if you are in a European country where all sorts of wines abound. However, many private wineries are springing up all over the place. Do your homework and see if you can find a local winery close to your location. Just make sure that you are not alcohol-intolerant to enjoy this dating idea.

Sports Date

If you and your partner are the adventurous and sporty type, why not try hiking, golfing, mountain-climbing or just about anything that makes you both tick. This is one of those feel-good date ideas since sports induce the production of body chemical that makes you feel good. You’ll sure to find a lot of excitement and thrilling moments together.

Truth or Dare Date

Pick a place to go to. Then while heading to that area, you can have fun learning about each other’s secrets or just plain childhood history while playing truth or dare. But be careful, try not to expose all your secret.

Window Shopping

Who says window shopping is only for women? Even if it is not a first date, as long as the guy also gets to go to the stores he likes visiting, it could be one fun time for the both of you. Also, it can make you both learn each others preferences when it comes to material things. It sure will help both of you when it’s time to get that special gift for birthdays and other special occasions.

You’ll sure to find lots of fun with these ideas as you will never run out of new and enthralling activities to do. Just be creative and have fun!
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Dating tip

Dating tip

Dating tip

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